Campus Visit返信

渡米ギリギリになってしまったが、USFとStanfordのAdmission officeにCampus Visitの申し込みをメール


Hello Kazutaka,

We do not have department specific tours, however you can find information on general campus tours here:

キャンパス見学に関しては、各自HPから申し込んでということなので、サイトから申し込む。Golf cart tourとか、日本じゃちょっと考えられないようなオプションもあったが、普通にwalking tourで。walking tourの場合は特に予約要らないみたい。


Dear Kazutaka,

Thank you for your interest in the MS in Analytics program at USF! We can definitely set up a time for you to visit our campus and sit in on a class. Oct. 13 might be the best day for you to visit as our students will be taking finals on Oct. 14 and 15. We have a Business Communications course and a Relational Databases course running on Oct. 13.

We can likely set up some time for you to meet with our director as well. Just let me know what works best for you.


  • 10/13 USF訪問:2hの講義を聴講、その後、Analyticsのdirectorとお話し
  • 10/14 10:00〜 Stanfordキャンパスツアーに参加
  • 10/14 15:00 Stanfordのデータサイエンス学部の教授と話(15分程度